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Boom Town Boom Town (5/26/2015) 
- Victor Wainwright & the WildRoots

"Listening to Boom Town is like walking into a party that will never end. This eight-piece band specializes in supercharged blues and boogie-woogie piano, smart and sophisticated arrangements and an all-consuming passion for delivering songs with confidence and joy." - Living Blues

"Victor Wainwright plays the piano with the same kind of dramatic flair that Jerry Lee Lewis has been doing for the last six decades. He pounds those ivories in the kind of boogie-woogie beat that reminds one that the piano is, after all, in the percussion family. Wainwright sings as if his life depends upon it...the man is an entertainer, pure and simple." -Classicalite.com 

Victor Wainwright, one of the most exciting keyboard performers on the roots music scene, is known for his high-octane boogie piano, big soul sounds, powerhouse blues, roots rock 'n' roll, and a voice that recalls Dr. John and Leon Russell.  

He won the coveted Blues Music Award as “Pinetop Perkins Piano Player of the Year” in both 2013 and 2014, as well as anchoring the critically acclaimed Dixie supergroup, Southern Hospitality, whose Easy Livin’ release made the Top 10 on the Billboard blues chart.

A raucous, dynamic performer and a crowd pleaser with soul to spare, Victor’s been making a name for himself in a big way.  As American Blues News put it, "he is always entertaining and madly talented.  You will never see Victor play a room and not go over with the crowd in a big way."  He's backed by the firepower of the WildRoots, one of the tightest smokin' bands around.

Boom Town was produced by Stephen Dees, a highly respected session player whose credits include playing with Hall and Oates, Pat Travers, and Todd Rundgren.
Said Victor, "We've always prided ourselves on excellent songwriting, musicianship and production, but on Boom Town we've also captured the energy and edge of our live shows. Although the concept of sin and salvation has been done before, this is our own personal statement, a story of Southern life, faith, redemption, and the challenges that we all face. The unique and edgy sound fits the purpose and storytelling to a T and lifts the whole record up to another level.  We’re extremely proud of what we feel is our best album yet!"

Victor’s star will surely continue to rise with the release of Boom Town, enhancing the pianist’s notoriety in America and on the international level.    A blues and American roots tour de force, the album is bound to ignite Blues, Roots Rock and Soul music fans everywhere.

1.   Boom Town (sample)
2.   Saturday Night Sunday Morning (sample)
3.   Stop Bossin' Me Baby (sample)
4.   If It Aint' Got Soul - Part 1 (sample)
5.   When the Day Is Done (sample)
6.   Genuine Southern Hospitality
7.   Two Lane Blacktop Revisited (sample)
8.   WildRoot Farm
9.    Piana's Savannah Boogie
10.  The Devil's Bite
11.  Reaper's on the Prowl
12.  Back On Top
13.  WildRoot Rumble

                      PREMIO : PINETOP PERKINS PIANO PLAYER  2014 ! 

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