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Alligator Records has set a February 1 release date in Europe and the UK for KILLIN' IT LIVE, the blistering new live album from Tommy Castro & The Painkillers.

Pre-order the CD and the first 300 will receive an autographed copy.

Also available on translucent orange 180-gram vinyl LP. Includes FREE DOWNLOAD card.  

European Tour Dates Announced

   "Castro’s aggressive, inspired attack on vocals and guitar is phenomenal."

–Washington Post

"Tommy Castro & The Painkillers showcase the power of the blues, soul and down-and-dirty rock ‘n’ roll...rousing and infectious. This is energizing, scorching, soul-shaking music….pure pleasure."

–Living Blues

Guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Tommy Castro has released 15 albums ranging from horn-fueled soul and R&B to piping hot blues to fiery rock ‘n’ roll. He’s performed all over the world, earning countless fans with his legendary, sweat-drenched, exhilarating live shows. The Painkillers—bassist Randy McDonald, drummer Bowen Brown  and keyboardist Michael Emerson—have now been playing together over four years. After hundreds of live shows, they have coalesced into one of the telepathically tightest units Castro has ever assembled, making them one of the most in-demand live roots music acts performing today. 

Tommy Castro is the two-time winner of the Blues Music Award for Ent ertainer Of The Year and he and the Painkillers keep one of the busiest live performance schedules in all of music. Their infectious, combustible live show is a big reason they are one of the most beloved roots music acts in the world.  

KILLIN' IT LIVE is the band’s first live release and it captures them at the peak of their creative and improvisational powers, and features one unforgettable, unpredictable performance after another.



Don't miss Tommy Castro & The Painkillers on tour.

February 2019 European tour:

13 Meisenfrei Blues Club - Bremen, GERMANY 
14 Kulturwerkstatt Buer e.V. - Melle, GERMANY 
15 Q-Factory - Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS 
16 Groene Engel - Oss, NETHERLANDS 
17 Musiktheater Piano - Dortmund, GERMANY 
18 Die Kantine - Yard Club - Cologne, GERMANY 
19 Spirit of 66 - Verviers, BELGIUM 
20 Nachtleben - Frankfurt , GERMANY 
21 Kofferfabrik - Fürth, GERMANY 
22 Bürgerhaus Zum Vorfuß - Vollmersbach, GERMANY 
23 Strandbar51 - Winterbach, GERMANY 
24 Mühle Hunziken - Rubigen, SWITZERLAND 
25 New Morning - Paris, FRANCE

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Killin' It-Live (180-gram vinyl)
This is the 180-gram vinyl LP edition. Pressed on translucent orange vinyl. Includes FREE DOWNLOAD card. Pre-order before the March 1 U.S. release date.
A soul-satisfying romp, jam-packed with sweaty, energized workouts.  From blustery blues to gritty R&B and hard-charging roadhouse rock, the set list includes fan favorites from throughout Tommy’s career.  "Tommy Castro & The Painkillers showcase the power of the blues, soul and down-and-dirty rock ‘n’ roll...rousing and infectious. This is energizing, scorching, soul-shaking music….pure pleasure." –Living Blues

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This is the 180-gram vinyl LP edition. Pressed on translucent orange vinyl. Includes FREE DOWNLOAD card. Pre-order before the March 1 U.S. release date.

Tommy Castro: Guitar and Vocals 
Randy McDonald: Bass and Background Vocals 
Bowen Brown: Drums 
Mike Emerson: Keyboards

Tracks 1, 4, 6, 8 Recorded by Peter Moshay at Daryl’s House. Pawling, NY 
Tracks 2, 5 Recorded by Martin Graves at Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach, CA
Track 3 Recorded by Alex Hofstrand at Biscuits and Blues, San Francisco, CA
Track 7 Recorded by Peter Jay at Wildwood Amphitheatre, Lake Orion, MI
Tracks 9, 10 Recorded by Skyeler Castro Williams at Antone’s, Austin, TX

Produced by Tommy Castro and Ron Alan Cohen
Mixed by Ron Alan Cohen at RA Music Studio, Mill Valley CA
Mastered by Collin Jordan and Bruce Iglauer at the Boiler Room, Chicago, IL
Photos by Jayson Carpenter, except back cover photo by George Zaferes
Packaging Design by Kevin Niemiec
Executive Producer: Bruce Iglauer

Booking: Tom Gold at Concerted Efforts, tom@concertedefforts.com, (617) 969-0810

Thanks to: Tom Gold and the Concerted Efforts Agency,  Bruce Iglauer and all the folks at Alligator Records, Joan Malotides at Blues Broad Videos and Social Media, Dani Barese and Scott Burnette (website management), Mike Moss, Daryl Hall, Steven Suen, the staffs of Antone’s, Belly Up Tavern, Biscuits and Blues and Daryl’s House, Delaney Guitars, Strobel Guitars, Category 5 Amps, GHS Strings, Jim Dunlop picks and accessories, Eminence speakers and Reunion Blues gig bags.



  Track Name
1 Make It Back To Memphis
2 Can't Keep A Good Man Down
3 Calling San Francisco
4 Lose Lose
5 She Wanted To Give It To Me
6 Shakin' The Hard Times Lose
7 Anytime Soon
8 Leaving Trunk
9 Them Changes

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Live At The Ramblin' Man Fair
Pre-order before the January 11 release date and the first 300 will receive an autographed copy.

From the opening crunch of "Big Boss Man" to a thunderous take on The Beatles' "Don't Let Me Down," Live At The Ramblin’ Man Fair packs an adrenaline-fueled punch as the Headhunters revel in the power of roadhouse rock and blues. And the fun continues on three bonus studio tracks, newly discovered takes from the sessions with Rock & Roll Hall of Fame pianist Johnnie Johnson that produced the 2015 gem Meet Me In Bluesland. "A raucous, rockin' romp that'll put a big ole grin on your face" – NoDepression.com 

Pre-Order Now!
Regular Price: $16.98
Sale Price: $14.98
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Also Available Digitally:

Download on iTunes  Buy From Amazon

Richard Young: Rhythm Guitar and Vocals 
Doug Phelps: Bass Guitar and Vocals 
Greg Martin: Lead, Slide Guitar and Vocals 
Fred Young: Drums, Percussion and Vocals 

with Black Stone Cherry and Bad Touch 
Backing Vocals and John Fred Young, Drums on “Don’t Let Me Down” 
Black Stone Cherry appear courtesy of Mascot Records. 
Bad Touch appear courtesy of Marshall Records. 

* Studio Bonus Track Compadres: 
Johnnie Johnson: Piano 
Anthony Kenney: Bass Guitar 

Produced By The Kentucky HeadHunters for Practice House Records 
Live Tracks Recorded by Will Shapland with Dave Porter and Paul Nickson at The Ramblin’ Man Fair, Maidstone, UK 
Approval Engineer: Rob Brinkmann 
Technical Engineer: Chris Goddard 
Recording Assistants: Necker, Jason Marshall, Andy Knightley and Adam Williams 
Recording Runners: Connor Panyani, Erron Wellington and Will Daniels 
Live Mix by Josh Phelps 
Mixed by David Barrick and Richard Young at Barrick Recording, Glasgow, KY 
Studio Bonus Tracks Recorded and Mixed by David Barrick and Richard Young at Barrick Recording , Glasgow, KY 
Mastered by Eric Conn at Independent Mastering, Nashville, TN 
Photos by John Lee 
Packaging Design by Kevin Niemiec 
Ramblin' Man logo by Vince Ray, courtesy of the Ramblin' Man Fair

Our deepest love and thanks to God and all our family who have allowed us to ramble on for 50 years. A huge thanks to John Fred, Chris, Ben and Jon of Black Stone Cherry for opening doors to the UK for the Heads. Without your vision and support, our playing the UK would not have happened.

Thanks to Martin Jarvis at the Fresh Start Agency, UK, Bad Touch and Mark Drewry for touring with us and setting up your gear for us older fellows, Big Mike Allen for seeing we get there on time, The Ramblin’ Man Fair and all the fine folks who stomped their feet and cheered us on during this recording, as well as heads music honchos around the world, Alec at United Talent, Bruce, Josh, Kevin, Marc and all at Alligator Records, Paul Anthony and everyone at Planet Rock Radio, Hard Rock Hell Radio, Paul Jones, Sheperd Neame, Trooper, U-Discover, 4 Roses, Foreign Currency Direct, MJ, Noggin and Andy Walton at Live Here Now, Laguna Cycles, Roland, Malcom, Katie and Barney at Pledgemusic, Ben Ewing and Shannon Pollard at Plowboy Records, Practice House Records, Mitchell Fox, Travis James, Lance Roberts, Nick Neinma and Tara Austin at the United Talent Agency USA, Jayboy at Screenplay, Eric, Kay and All Access Coach, Steve Hatton and Nicola Treharne at Nylon, Michelle and Kirsten at Cosa Nostra PR, UK.

Thanks to RFS Entertainment Company, Frank McGowan and Chris Ingham at Spirit of Rock. A huge thank you to Nordoff Robbins for the wonderful work you do for those who need a special push. And thanks to Barbara Thornton, Josie Otton, Phil Brown, Jagoda Sadowska, Izzie Jeans and Miles Beaulieu and Bree Hart at LHN Festival.

Thanks also to Ludwig Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Evans Heads, Pro Mark drum sticks, Heather Freeland and Gibson Guitar Corp., Gibson Custom Shop, Todd Money, Phillip Crabtree and Gibson Repair and Restoration, Fender Guitars and Amps, Marshall Amplification USA & UK, Vox, Hartley Peavy, David Barnette and all at Peavy Electronics, Charles Whitfill Guitars, Michael Breedlove and MGB Guitars, Rocky Mountain Slide Co., AmpRx BrownBox, Chris Rose, Eminence Speaker Corp., D’Addario and Planet Waves, Analogman, Jetter Gear, V-Picks, Dave's Guitar Shop, String Swing, Kentucky Vintage Guitars, Best Guitars, RS Guitarworks, Glaser Instruments, Judge Wolfe Guitars, Carter Vintage Guitars, Guitar Emporium, Vintage Guitar Magazine, Will Kelly, Ward Meeker and John Heidt.

This record is dedicated to the memory of Frances Johnson, Orville Almon, Dora Phelps and Nina Brown.


  Track Name Duration  
1 Intro 0:37
Play Song 2 Big Boss Man 3:28
Play Song 3 Ragtop 4:36
Play Song 4 Stumblin' 3:10
Play Song 5 Shufflin' Back To Memphis 4:36
Play Song 6 Have You Ever Loved A Woman? 6:26
Play Song 7 Wishin' Well 3:14
Play Song 8 Walking With The Wolf 3:27
Play Song 9 My Daddy Was A Milkman 7:36
Play Song 10 Don't Let Me Down 4:31
Play Song 11 Rock Me Baby * 5:01
Play Song 12 Rock 'n' Roller * 3:48
Play Song 13 Hi-Heel Sneakers * 3:20