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Aunque salió a mediados del pasado año traemos este , el último trabajo discográfico de DOUG MACLEOD , por su nominación a mejor album en los MUSIC AWARDS de 2018 


Music: Break The Chain
Artist: Doug MacLeod (feat. Jesse MacLeod)
Album: Break The Chain (RR-141)
Label: Reference Recordings

In this release, his third album for Reference Recordings, Doug MacLeod continues to explore the breadth and depth of the human condition. Recorded by Reference’s Grammy-winning engineer ‘Prof.’ Keith O. Johnson at Skywalker Sound in Marin County, California, Break The Chain brings twelve new MacLeod originals. Each song is extremely personal and at the same time, universal; covering subjects topical, humorous, and soulful; from the satirical to the sublime.

The title work, Break The Chain, composed and performed with his son Jesse, focuses on breaking the cycle of family violence and abuse. A powerful concern all too many are familiar with, Doug and Jesse confront this pervasive issue directly and personally, bringing it out of the shadows. Together, they share the healing, reconciliation and peace available to all who work to prevent the cycle from repeating and to “Break The Chain”.

The album is co-produced by Doug MacLeod and Janice Mancuso. Bassist Denny Croy, drummer Jimi Bott and percussionist Oliver Brown join Doug in duo, trio and quartet settings. Like all ‘Prof.’ Johnson’s sessions, Break The Chain was recorded live, in real- time, with no overdubs or effects. It is being released on compact disc with HDCD, as high-resolution and conventional downloads and later, as a premium 2-LP set.

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Resultado de imagen de TINSLEY ELLIS WINNING HAND

Produced by Tinsley Ellis and Kevin McKendree
Recorded and mixed by Kevin McKendree at The Rock House, Franklin, TN
Assistant Engineer: Yates McKendree
Mastered by Jim Demain at Yes Master Studios, Nashville, TN
Packaging Design by Kevin Niemiec
Photos by Flournoy Holmes
Special thanks to Michael Rothschild, Jack Randall, Barron Ruth and Larry Leake

Tinsley Ellis: Guitars and Vocals
Kevin McKendree: Organs, Pianos, Baritone Guitar On "Nothing But Fine"
Steve Mackey: Bass
Lynn Williams: Drums and Percussion

In memory of William Tinsley Ellis, Sr.

TINSLEY ELLIS WINNING HAND Available Friday, January 12.

Listen before you buy! Stop by our free stuff page to download the track Sound Of A Broken Man and our jukebox to hear Gamblin' Man and Kiss The World. 

WINNING HAND marks the return to Alligator of our friend Tinsley Ellis, one of the most honored blues-rock guitarists in the world.

Tinsley Ellis has been delivering his searing guitar work and gritty vocals to audiences around the world for over three decades. He burst out of his hometown of Atlanta in the 1980s and has kept his sound unvarnished and honest. We are thrilled to have him back home at Alligator. 

WINNING HAND packs the punch of a heavyweight champion as Tinsley reclaims his place with the giants of blues-rock guitar. From searing licks to psychedelic riffing, Tinsley and his axe are front and center on a riveting collection of heart-pounding rockers, raucous R&B and devastating blues.

Pre-order WINNING HAND for the sale price of $14.98 (includes FREE U.S. shipping). 


Tinsley is launching WINNING HAND with an intense four-month coast to coast tour. The tour starts on the January 12 release date in his hometown of Atlanta! 


Resultat d'imatges de CURTIS SALGADO ROGH CUT

“I Want My Dog To Live Longer (The Greatest Wish)” is the smile-inducing song on Rough Cut, the new album from Curtis Salgado & Alan Hager, which will be in stores on January 12th. All of us love our dogs and think our dog is the best. We thought that a great way to pay tribute to man’s (and woman’s) best friend would be to ask for pictures of your wonderpups to be included in videos, and this is the first result.

Stay tuned. Submissions continue to roll in and we’ll be posting additional versions with other dogs soon. So please keep sending photos of your dog to Yourdog@allig.com. If your dog is selected, we’ll notify you which video your precious puppy will be in.


Alligator Records will release a smile-inducing new song on January 12th called “I Want My Dog To Live Longer (The Greatest Wish).”  It’s from a new album called Rough Cut by Curtis Salgado and Alan Hager.  We’re going to be creating a series of videos of this song featuring pictures of the cutest and most loveable dogs that are sent in by you to Alligator Records. Send a photo of your best four-legged friend to yourdog@allig.com. If you dog is chosen, you’ll be notified so you can tell your friends (and your dog’s friends). If you don’t have a dog, tell a friend who does!
                                          Alan Hager: Guitars, Vocal (11)

LaRhonda Steele: Vocals (8)
Jim Pugh: Piano (3)
Keith Brush: Bass (5, 9, 13)
Russ Kleiner: Drums (5, 9)
Jimi Bott: Drums (3)
Brian Foxworth: Drums (8)
Carlton Jackson: Percussion (12)

Produced by Curtis Salgado and Alan Hager
Recorded by Dennis Carter at Falcon Recording Studios, Portland, OR
Mixed by Johnny Lee Schell at Ultra Tone Studios, Studio City, CA
Mastered by Reuben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering, Burbank, CA
Notes by Marc Lipkin 
Photos by Jessica Keaveny 
Packaging design by Kevin Niemiec

Management: Shane Tappendorf, Odaglas LLC, odaglasllc@gmail.com
Booking: Intrepid Artists, staff@intrepidartists.com


Special Thanks to Erika Olsen, Mike Crider, Kathy Goranson, Suzanne Dominique, Katey Angel, Wendy and Philip Salgado, Richard Shurman, Jordan Pollack, Marlon McClain, Tony Braunagel, Ross Hamilton, Rand Gerlach, Bruce Iglauer and the staff at Alligator Records.

Curtis Salgado plays Hohner Harmonicas customized by Joe Filisko
Alan Hager plays a 1918 Martin 0-18, Gibson Custom Shop ES 330 and Gibson Custom Shop SG


Curtis Salgado's earth-shaking vocals and forceful harmonica playing have been devastating audiences around the world for over 30 years. Alan Hager's guitar expertise has been wowing fellow musicians from his hometown of Portland, Oregon and beyond for decades. Hager has been jamming with Salgado since 2003, and joined his band full-time in 2015. “Alan is the best player in the business, unlike anybody else,” Salgado says.

Together, the two blues fans and friends took time out of their busy touring schedule to record Rough Cut, a stripped-down album featuring a potent mix of newly written, timeless originals and carefully chosen blues covers. "We did it for the love of the music," says Salgado. "This is where our hearts are. These are deep songs that we love to play."

With Curtis' inspired singing and world-class harmonica playing and Alan's spellbinding guitar, Rough Cut is the album Salgado and Hager have always wanted to make together—soulful, sparse, haunting—a blues lover’s dream come true. The music is a moving exploration of the joyful, emotionally uplifting power of passionately played and soulfully sung acoustic blues, the music Hager calls "American Classical." "This type of music moves us the most," says Salgado. "You believe it when you hear it."